Lovers and explorers of the sea depths will not be deprived during their vacation. Professional divers can quench their curiosity by sightseeing amphorae from a sunken Roman merchant ship from the 1st century BC. It is located in the Vlaška Mala bay in the Velebit Channel at a depth of 30 m.

Other significant archaeological sites include the remains of a sunken ship carrying a load of 18th century ceramic vessels, a large anchor of a Venetian ship, several devastated amphora sites and other valuables.

Less ambitious divers will find their place in the sea of Stara Novalja on Planjka beach. There are several diving clubs and with the help and clear instructions you will dive under the clear sea and explore the underwater world very quickly.

And for those who would like to see life below the surface but not experience it on their own skin, there are semi-submarines that sail at a depth of 5 m during a 30 minute tour without being fully immersed. That way everyone can enjoy the sea landscape without any fear.