Sea waves, mountain breeze
and olive trees

The island of Pag is a place in the middle of nature. Framed on one side by a mountain, on the other by the sea. Under a relentless bora wind and a wilful sea, this is a place that resists and astonishes with its beauty, its long past and its extraordinary scenery.

Amidst this beauty lies the Olea Hotel. Surrounded by sea waves, stone and millennial olive trees, your perfect corner for enjoying the natural beauty of Pag with the complete comfort of a top-class hotel.

The name of the hotel, Olea, comes from the Latin word for olive, one of the indispensable features of the island of Pag.

Olea Hotel is unique in appearance - symbolizing its surroundings and blending with the nature around it. The reason for this is that during construction the materials that fit the structure and colours of the surrounding area were used. The hotel has a long shape as the island of Pag itself, and stands parallel to the fantastic Mount Velebit, offering an exceptional view from the hotel. The ground floor is glazed with sea colours, and the three floors are grey-white in the colours of the island, thus symbolizing the island on the sea surface.

The whole interior is dominated by the colours of rocks, olives, olive oil, the sea. Some pieces of furniture are made of real olive wood, and the entire interior is enriched with olive tree decorations, with numerous artists participating. The arrangement is signed by architect Saša Sarapa with associates from the Forma Bureau office.

With the great care and effort put into the design itself, the hotel boasts features that make it a top-quality and desirable stop. Cleanliness of design, minimalism and simplicity of shapes and forms put the emphasis on what matters most to guests - convenience, comfort, functionality and an unforgettable experience.

Pets are allowed at this hotel with a fee.