Swimming pools

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Indoor pool

You regard swimming a nice pastime, but are reluctant to indulge in it if there is no sun? Olea Hotel is your ideal destination throughout the year, with a modernly designed 65 m2 indoor swimming pool with glazed walls providing great views from the warmth of the hotel, and a refreshing bar awaiting you during your swim breaks.

Outdoor pool

Stretching as much as 105 m2, the hotel's outdoor pool is your most important hotel spot if you enjoy sunbathing, music and entertainment. Take a break from swimming on deck chairs or take a stroll through the hotel's exterior in search of refreshment. Remember to enjoy the view of the island or the beauty of the setting sun.


If the massages are not enough for you, hop into the whirlpool. Hydro massage pools are known to stimulate circulation, restore tissue, stimulate endorphin release and, sometimes most importantly, eliminate stress. There is no place for stress at the Olea Hotel, so it is up to you to decide which relaxation method to choose first!