Relax and enjoy our pools, jacuzzi and sauna

Don't you sometimes want to escape from everyday life and steal the moment for yourself? The Olea Hotel has the perfect location for this: in the 300 m2 modernly designed Spa & Wellness Centre, you can fully commit to relaxation. Swim in the warm pool, warm up in the sauna, exercise with fitness equipment and remember to treat yourself to a great massage.

For hotel guests, the price includes a swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna with a relax room, while outdoor guests can use the hotel's amenities with a daily or half-day ticket.

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Is there anything that empowers your body and spirit better than healthy sweating in the peace of a sauna? Get rid of tension, relax your muscles, and focus your thoughts on the only goal - complete relaxation. After a few minutes, the benefits of the sauna are evident in the person's appearance and mood. And at the Olea Hotel, stretch those few minutes to a whole day!


Choose from massages that will completely relieve you of stress and revitalize you for the rest of your vacation. From aromas of facial treatments with Mediterranean herbs, body peeling with coffee, salt or coconut, whole body massages with essential oils with mint and orange, to complete treatments that include sea salt peeling with body massage with olive oil… Olea Hotel offers everything you could possibly wish for and you will leave a completely new person.