Cultural sights

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Pag lace

One of the most respected Croatian ethnographic heritages is Pag lace, a tradition that dates back to the 15th century. The science of lace making has been passed from generation to generation and, because of its specialty, has been included on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The advent of lace was initially associated only with church circles, but later expanded in villages and became a profession and tradition. It can be found as a decoration, part of folk costumes and garments, on bedding, in painting and, today, on souvenirs.

You can buy Pag lace in gift shops, as well as on the streets of the island, from women who nurture this art with relentless crafting of new beauties. This is certainly one of the best and most important souvenirs you can bring home to your loved ones.

Salt Company

Pag is an island full of natural beauties and treasures, and one of them is the famous Pag salt. It is produced by evaporation of the sea in a shallow pool system. The process lasts from spring to autumn, when it ends with the so-called "harvesting" of salt.

The most valuable part of salt production is certainly the "salt flower", a completely natural product that collects on the surface by natural crystallization in perfect weather conditions (very sunny and warm weather with no wind). This salt is collected manually and dried in the sun. It is appreciated for its rich and even slightly sweet taste and is often used as a great spice.

Those interested in the production process should head to the Salt Museum in the town of Pag. There you can find out about the history of salt collection, the tools used, photos, notes and even documentary clips. This is an opportunity to start looking at salt from a different perspective, since up until recently it was regarded similar to gold, and today we take it for granted.

In the salt company you can ask everything you want to know about this natural treasure and go back to the hotel with souvenirs - such as with the most valuable of all, a flower of salt.

Archaeology and architecture

The streets of the old town of Pag are written with a thousand-year history and everything is being done to restore their old splendour and to justly represent the rich Croatian heritage.

The island is historically and culturally extremely interesting and you will come across various memories of its long past during the first walk. Take a stroll through the rocky streets, past the ramparts that once surrounded the city, visit monasteries and numerous churches, find the coats of arms of prominent Pag families on old palaces.

To get a feel for the island's atmosphere, visit some of the cultural events, such as Pag's cultural summer, carnival, gastro and other festivals, theatre performances and concerts, as well as various exhibitions.